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Members Inducted in 2016


Year Entered League: 1999

Team(s) Played For: Magics/Minutemen

Number of Years in League: 13

Outstanding Accomplishments: Vic Zoldy was a lifelong softball enthusiast whose greatest accomplishment was the founding of the Montgomery County Senior Softball League.

Vic’s idea back in 1999 was to organize a small group of seniors who might be interested in playing some softball on a frequent basis.  His long term vision was to build a small league comprised of dedicated senior softballers who would play on a regularly scheduled basis. Utilizing local advertising channels in the Lansdale, PA area, Vic soon formed a dedicated group of local senior ball players.

The idea to form a permanent league started to grow. Applying his outstanding level of leadership, Vic quickly surrounded himself with the right people to handle organizational issues, and soon the roots of the league took hold. Vic’s personal credo, “If you had fun, you won!” was to become the very foundation of the league’s philosophy.

During the first two years of the league’s existence, Vic established a codified set of playing rules and regulations, created the financial structure of the league, initiated a liaison with local Hatfield Township officials (the future home of the MCSSL,) promoted the league through local news media, helped to procure monies through donations and sponsorships, and instituted the initial structure of league officers to handle all facets of the growing organization.

In addition to playing and managing, Vic served as the league’s first Commissioner for six years until the end of the 2004 season before turning over the helm to his successor. Vic’s greatest love was simply playing softball, which he continued to do until retiring in 2011.

The league’s founding father left behind a legacy that remains unparalleled yet today. Vic continues to serve the league membership as Commissioner Emeritus.



Year Entered League: 2000

Team(s) Played For: Marvels/Maulers

Number of Years in League: 17

Outstanding Accomplishments: Stan Schwartz was one of the earliest league members entering the MCSSL in 2000, and accepted the role as the league’s second Commissioner in 2004.

Stan’s immediate philosophy was “management by consensus,” which has become the modus operandi for the league’s business ever since. Growing the league was Stan’s foremost objective, and his hands-on approach took the league to new heights. Stan was instrumental in formalizing the hierarchy of the league’s officers by establishing official designated titles, including several new officer positions. He supported the initiative to “keep the boys playing” over the winter by instituting winter indoor play against other area senior teams.

Among his many other accomplishments was expanding the league to six teams when the roster of players reached the century mark, promoting the league through media exposure, bringing the league’s business into the computer age, further codifying the league’s rules and regulations, procuring additional sponsorships, initially setting up the field maintenance team, and enhancing player safety by establishing a standard for equipment.

Stan ended his tenure as Commissioner in the fall of 2007, but immediately took over the position of league Treasurer, which he continues to hold at the present time.

Player, manager, and officer… Stan’s untiring contribution to the MCSSL is unequalled. In addition to it all, Stan Schwartz also continues his role as Commissioner Emeritus.



Year Entered League: 2000

Team(s) Played For: Magics

Number of Years in League: 17

Outstanding Accomplishments: Manny London, who was at the very top of the newcomer list of players wanting to get into the new league when the second season began in 2000, is affectionately heralded by the MCSSL as the Nineteenth Man.

Probably no other player who has gone through the ranks of the league has dedicated as much time and energy to promote fun and camaraderie among the membership, especially at the social level. Manny just wanted to play softball, a life’s passion, but soon moved up to take the helm as assistant manager of the Magics team, a role he still continues at the present time.

Manny’s organizational skills were superb, and it didn’t take long into his tenure as a league member for the founding fathers to recognize his talent for organizing social events. By the fourth season of the MCSSL, Manny assumed the “unofficial” role of Social Director, a title which he would assume officially shortly thereafter as the league expanded and formalized many new officer positions.

Among his great accomplishments are the ones he continues to achieve season after season by organizing the league’s annual Team Photo Day Picnic, Family Day Picnic, End-of-Season Players Picnic, the Holiday Party, and other league outing events.

Manny’s unselfish contributions to the MCSSL are beyond exceptional, and his continuing presence in the league’s business and other functions are wholly appreciated by the entire league membership. In addition to Social Director extraordinaire, Manny London continues his role as summer assistant manager, winter manager, and player in both the summer outdoor and winter indoor seasons.



Year Entered League: 2003

Team(s) Played For: Magics/Minutemen

Number of Years in League: 14

Outstanding Accomplishments: Dennis Lapin wasted no time when he first joined the league in 2003, immediately promoting the league from the business end and recognizing the potential the MCSSL offered as a premier senior activity in the Hatfield area.

Dennis had great insight into the talent spread throughout the league, and when he took over the helm as the third Commissioner in 2008, he began tapping into that talent. He immediately created the new officer position of Promotions Manager, and then expanded the business end of the organization by gaining the support of numerous local businesses that donated gift certificates, checks, or equipment to the league.

Among Dennis’ other major achievements were the creation of the MCSSL Hotline for immediate player information and notifications, expanding the league to ten teams, expanding the playing schedule, formalizing the field maintenance team, obtaining permission from Hatfield Township to designate the field as the “Home of the MCSSL,” establishing a more formal evaluation process to screen new player applicants, connecting with the Bucks/Mont Indoor Sports Center as the new home of the official MCSSL Winter Indoor League, and establishing new officer director positions for summer and winter league play.

Dennis worked endlessly to maintain the integrity and credibility of the league, and left it financially stable. Dennis Lapin stepped down at the end of the 2012 season, but still continues as a player and serves in his role as Commissioner Emeritus.



Year Entered League: 2001

Team(s) Played For: Mavericks

Number of Years in League: 16

Outstanding Accomplishments: Gordy Detweiler came into the MCSSL in the third season in 2001 to have a little fun playing softball.

It didn’t take long before Gordy’s appreciation and passion for the growing organization took hold. More than anything, he wanted to give something back. One of Gordy’s initial “unofficial” roles was field preparation and maintenance, a job which he later managed to form into a team of volunteers from the membership.

Beyond just playing in the summer and taking care of the field, Gordy took the initiative in 2005 to suggest winter play, and with the support of the Commissioner, grew the MCSSL by expanding and ultimately becoming the Director of the Winter Indoor League, a role he continues at present. Gordy was instrumental in arranging the league’s connection with the BucksMont Indoor Sports Center, the new home of the MCSSL winter league. Beyond just that, Gordy accepted the role of manager for the Travel Team Marauders in 2007 and continually arranges upwards of twenty doubleheader games throughout the year with senior teams from all around eastern Pennsylvania, both home in Hatfield and away.

By the time the 2009 season rolled around, Gordy was officially added as the Director of Field Operations and continues to manage his crew. In both 2015 and 2016, Gordy reached another milestone by arranging charity events pitting his Marauders against the ever-popular Phillies Ball Girls, the doubleheader contests raising money for the girls’ charities and at the same time promoting the MCSSL through local news media coverage.

In addition to all the time and effort Gordy puts into the league, he continues as player/manager for the orange-shirted Mavericks team, his beloved “Pumpkins.”